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Airbrush Tanning

Summer Days Airbrush Spray tanning salon offers all organic solutions using the latest industry techniques to achieve your desired glow. Custom Sunless Tanning is perfect for portraits, weddings, proms, special events, vacation, social gatherings, or maintaining your perfect glow all year long. We offer flexible scheduling and custom airbrush spray tan packages. No booths!

Ask About Our Current Promotions

Full Body Custom Airbrush Spray


per session

Half Body Custom Airbrush Spray


per session

Cancellation Policy

Charge 10% of scheduled services fees if cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment and not rescheduled within 10 days of original appointment. 

Charge 30% of scheduled services fees for all NO SHOWS.  Payment for cancellations fees must be paid prior to scheduling any new appointments.  Payments may be processed using our scheduling software.


Buy a 3 Pack for only 


Reg. Price $144

Packages are for individual use only and cannot be shared.  We offer group rates for 5 or more booked on the same day.

First  Visit  Special

$45 Full Body Spray

Students with School  ID $42 everyday

Packages Available


Day Before:

All waxing, facial, and pedicures need to be done at least a day prior to your spray tanning session. 

Day of Your Spray Tan:

Please shave all areas you choose and exfoliate with an exfoliation scrub. A good exfoliation will ensure a smooth allover tan and then natural fading. When you exfoliate you want to remove as many dead skin cells as possible. Good Pre-Spray Tan Exfoliation, keeping yourself hydrated, and using a moisturizing lotion will extend the life of your tan.  Depending on several factors your spray tan can last  up to 7-10 days.

Your Arrival: 

Please do do wear any perfume, make-up, lipstick, skin lotions, or deodorants.  Wear lose fitting clothing.  Wear darker clothes if possible.  The solution will wash out of most clothes.  Loose shoes or Flips flops are also recommended.

Maintenance of Your Spray Tan: 

Please do not shower for 8 hours or discuss timing with your Spray Tanning Technician. Please avoid water (rain, swimming, sweating, etc). Be very careful when using water to avoid streaking (ex: hand washing).

When you shower use a body wash or shower gel.  The cosmetic bronzer will wash away (brown in color) and reveal your actual beautiful sunless tan.  Please do not exfoliate or use any hair removal products. Avoid using all bar soaps including moisturizing bar soaps. Please do not use any wash clothes or Loofas. 


Moisturize as least twice a day using a water based lotion. Please do not use alcohol based products as they dry the skin and can cause streaking. Proper moisturizing extends the life of your spray tan.

Helpful Hints:

  • Please do not exercise for 12 hours after a spray tanning session.  Excessive sweating can alter your desired results and possible streaking.

  • The spray tan solution DOES NOT CONTAIN SUNSCREEN. Please wear a proper SPF while you are exposed to the sun.

  • Keep hydrated.  Drink at least four 8 oz cups of water a day and more if exposed to the outdoor heat.                 

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